Who Am I?

This is the “About me” section of my blog. So I took it very seriously and went overboard with the details. 😛 How much overboard you ask me? Read on to find out. Else you can just skip to the heading “Epic Conclusion” at the bottom. 😉

An Autobiography 😛

A Star is Born!! 😛

It was August 21st, a star was born!! Yeah, you guessed that right, it’s me. 😛  Born exactly at 4.27 p.m. in Chennai at Kumaran Hospital adjoining Sangam theater(Guess that would explain why I love watching movies). So my name…is Ramaraja. But my family doesn’t know me by that name. Strange? It’s true. You see my Grandpa’s name is Ramasamy. So my Grandma wanted to name me after him. So they made the first half of his name as the first half of my name. There we got the “Rama-“. My Grandpa’s nickname was “Raja” hence they made that the second part of my name. All the workings of an astrologer. But my Mom wanted to name me Vigneshwaran after Lord Ganesha, as the story goes that when I was still inside my Mom she had prayed to Lord Ganesha that she wanted a baby boy and also she prayed for me a lot of traits like I should be good in English, not get cataract(my father had it), should be studious, should be smart and so on.  Hence as a token of gratitude and faith she wanted to christen me with that name. It was decided in the end that I will be named Ramaraja but be called Vigneshwaran(which later turned into Vignesh a.k.a Vicky). Hence everyone knows me as Vignesh in my family and if you say Ramaraja they will just blink at you. Ramanujan is my Dad’s name. I know, my ancestors really played with our names. 😛  Here’s a pic of me when I was just a few months old.20234_1293593932321_5704397_n


 The Lankan Paradise
When I was 6 months old WHOOSH! I flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka. One of the youngest people to ride a plane. My dad worked in Sri Lanka, my Dad and his brother owned a restaurant business. It started with my Grandpa who had gone from India to Sri Lanka in search of a better fortune just like how many Indians go to America. For the next 13 years I enjoyed the Lankan paradise. The best part was the school I studied in, Stafford International School. Studied U.K. syllabus and it is the best place to gain holistic development. A perfect blend of the east and the west-a zen combo! However a majority were tipped towards the western culture. The culture in Sri Lanka was so diverse consisting of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists,Christians and Catholics, we each spoke different languages and hence we had no other choice but to speak English in order to communicate with each other. In fact I have never ever spoken to my school friends in a language other than English. Hence I gained some decent command over the language but that also resulted in me speaking only slightly average Tamil and I cannot write Tamil but somehow barely manage to read it with a lot of effort(thanks to Tamil Cinema titles). On the brigh side it was a nice experience growing up with people of varied cultures, heritage and even nationalities. It made me appreciate diversity and respect it too. The number of holidays we get due to the diverse culture is amazing! It is not all about studies as we get loads of free time and also school ends at 1.30 p.m. . Emphasis is on the quality of education and not quantity. There were so many extra-curricular activities after school. I got time to learn and become a pro in swimming,tennis and chess. In short there was not much pressure and life was all about chilling. Made some really good friends with whom I am still in touch. The only downside could be whenever India plays against Sri Lanka, my friends and I would argue about which team is better. 😛 I would visit my India every year from July to September(That is the summer holiday pattern followed by international schools in SL since they are U.K. based and hence follow that pattern). Would get the best reception ever by my relatives and spend almost two whole months with a lot of fun with my cousins.  For the first 9 years of my life I was the only child but then everything changed.

20234_1293596372382_7275283_n 20234_1293596612388_1959916_n

That’s right, my sister Madhu Varshini was born. Here are a few snippets of my Sri Lankan life. I could tell you about her but hey, this blog is about me not her.

20234_1293593972322_3638562_n 20234_1293594092325_3786440_n 20234_1293594372332_4007686_n 20234_1293594412333_5258274_n 20234_1293594572337_8067345_n 20234_1293594612338_6556663_n 20234_1293594932346_4328496_n 20234_1293595092350_4810672_n 20234_1293595572362_5668321_n 20234_1293596012373_3659436_n 20234_1293619532961_3913912_n 20234_1293639213453_6315680_n 21034_1293596092375_2008941_n20234_1293595852369_1289089_n 20234_1293595452359_3667994_n 20234_1293596212378_5602825_n20234_1293596852394_8347738_n


The Return of the King 😛

After finishing school in SL people normally go abroad for their higher studies. Majority go to UK, US and Australia. My parents chose India as my relatives are here and also because I was an Indian Citizen. So I finished my 8th and then again WHOOSH! back to Chennai when I was 13. Joined Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, a CBSE school. A whole new experience for me. My Dad left his business and came to settle down here. Started using the public transport for the first time in my life. Learnt to appreciate that less is more. The hours were longer as compared to my previous school. Had to be in school till 2.40 odd. Loads of tests unlike my previous school which had only 3 in a year.  So most of my time went in getting through the weekdays and reviving in the weekends. No time for any extra curricular activities, only studies. I was literally scared when I studied 10th Social Science, 4-5 textbooks to study…horrific.  Made some very good friends, learnt the real value of friendship. Learnt a lot in life especially how to deal with the lows and how to deal with a seemingly rock bottom. Had loads of fun. 10th grade is till date the best year I have ever had, it was full of parties,after school roamings and hangouts. Still got good marks in the end but it never felt like a Board Exam at all. The memories are just bliss. After a roller coaster ride finished school with very good marks and the next step was my college. Here are a few memories of mine at school.

7618_1228190377273_6614757_n14740_1272407682678_4065614_n 14740_1272409882733_7289015_n 14740_1273033578325_8308577_n 14740_1273036098388_7539624_n227677_1062311910415_9728_n (1) 260355_2061867778687_1475647_n265081_2058110044746_675878_n 267626_2058085764139_4797131_n 268691_2058110564759_7635764_n 270406_2058119844991_4302195_n2269_1092302700166_135_n 14740_1280520685498_1037069_n 15303_1365046558592_841148_n 38525_129906120385667_5619176_n227916_188826477830048_2985118_n 248978_2091287037668_8094337_n 252048_1785746857631_2943927_n255023_2091287317675_2518816_n 267262_1785748457671_3627072_n 281527_1785750257716_24620_n320868_1623752730055_1028663180_n 418069_483368358369496_1341044056_n                                                                                  

 Computer Science Engineer! 😉

The next turning point in my life was doing my Bachelor’s degree. I wanted to do B.Sc. Vis. Com. or B.A. Journalism as I was very interested in writing and doing creative work. I would love to direct movies. But due to peer pressure and the fact that everyone in my family is an engineer I was forced to take up Engineering. The only course that attracted me was Computer Science & Engineering because I got the highest marks in Computer Science and was not at all interested in electronics or machines. Also because I was lazy so I figured that in Computer Science you can just sit in one place and all you need is a computer to work with, as simple as that. 😛 Thus I ended up choosing or forced to choose Anna University as again everyone in my family have studied in Anna University…seems like a family tradition here. 😛  Thus I ended up studying and successfully finishing my degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering.  One important lesson I have learnt here is that to make progress for your future, you have to leave behind your past. Here is the journey I had traveled in college…

IMG_0484 734493_10200152409585353_388192385_n 644258_4896289037447_1782999553_n 603420_3998815801177_23566920_n543305_369575633139112_1164352203_n 549700_3998818241238_1225428581_n 404174_320122334690521_382283310_n 392347_282688625100559_1651910288_n 386303_154595971304355_316649792_n379020_211065615639033_1883366475_n166699_10200175233995949_494663718_n 199893_4228461582178_672877153_n 229004_3998832401592_1258330945_n5498_575658405795948_312026840_n 4992_369575499805792_1953320485_n



Epic Conclusion

I am Ramaraja Ramanujan. A verified ENTP and a quintessential Leo. I am a perfect blend of the east and west-a balanced zen. I am very open minded. I am frank and straightforward which can sometimes be against my favour. I am a very friendly person who always likes to help. I value my relations a lot especially friendship . You could also call me bold and daring. I may at times tend to be timid but when I get comfortable around you I will most certainly be called eccentric(in a good fun way 😉 ). I am the perfect definition of an ambivert. I like to be creative and innovative. I love reading fiction and my favourite type of movies are that of science fiction. My hobbies would be to read, to write, to surf the net and the best one is to procrastinate. 😛 I am a lazy person and don’t believe in hard work, I rather believe in smart work. I like to constantly learn new things. I believe in being the jack of all trades and the master of some. You could call me smart, that maybe the first impression you get when you talk to me. I also have a knack for being tardy, I just can’t be punctual, though if the need really arises I will be but generally I am tardy. I am also called a nocturnal nut by my friends. I just can’t sleep at night. It is like I live in a different time zone. I live like I am 4 hours behind the IST(Indian Standard Time). I created this blog to share my opinions and thoughts and also to get feedback upon them so as to analyze my thinking and shape my perspective. Another purpose for this blog was to unleash my creativity and my passion for writing. I strive to be unique and different not bound by orthodox views hence I chose the name maverick. I love doing new things and tread the path least traveled with high levels of enthusiasm hence I chose the name ardent. Together I am the Ardent Maverick, this is WHO I AM. 🙂


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