Till Death Do Us Part


‘If given a choice between a world without you and death. I would choose death.’ said Tanav hugging her tight.

‘Awww…Tanav, you say the most sweetest of things. I feel like hugging you to death.’ said Marsha with a laugh as she hugged him back.

‘I am glad you said yes. You have no idea how scared I was. Thank God!’ said Tanav as they broke apart and strolled together along the beach.

‘You don’t believe in God yet you thank him and not me for saying yes.’ teased Marsha.

‘Okay. Thank you.’ said Tanav with a broad smile.

‘It took you 3 long years to propose to me is it?’ demanded Marsha indignantly as she playfully whacked his head.

‘If you really loved me then you could have proposed to me first! Why do you always expect the guy to do everything?’ protested Tanav rubbing his head.

‘So that if things don’t work out I can say that it is you who chose me and not the other way around.’ mocked Marsha.

Things looked rosy at the moment but it did not stay the same for long. Marriage is not a matter of just two hearts in some places. It is more a matter of two families. And the two families here simply did not see the love here. Divided by caste, divided by status, divided by wealth…the divide was just too far across to reach for either one of them. The only bridge possible was love but that bridge was too rickety for their liking. The couple were heartbroken. To have come so far and be doomed at the end due to the fancy of others was not what they had anticipated. Marsha was the most affected as she was held down by so much emotional blackmail and restrictions that she felt she would drown in all the tears.

‘Tanav! I don’t know what to do. I tried explaining so much but my Dad just won’t listen. My Mom is talking of marrying me off to someone else soon.’ cried Marsha one night over the phone to Tanav. She had snuck out from her room to the terrace at the dead of night and was crying her heart out in misery.

‘Marsha. Do you love me?’ asked Tanav firmly.

‘Of course! Till the end. Till my last breath.’ replied Marsha strongly.

‘Do you trust me?’ asked Tanav with the same firm tone.

‘With my life.’ replied Marsha.

‘Then there is only one way. Let’s run away. Someplace far away. Let’s start a new life together. We don’t need these people. They are selfish and just don’t respect our feelings. We are old and mature enough to decide. We are not their little kids to control. It’s time we lived our lives. What do you say?’ asked Tanav.

There was silence. Marsha was subjected to an inner conflict. The guy of 3 years or her parents of 23.

‘Hmmm…’ she mused unable to make a decision.

‘We’ll go far away but I am not sure where. It doesn’t matter as we’ll be together.’ said Tanav with a hint of desperation in his voice as he tried to convince her.

Marsha wiped away her tears. The moon chose to hide behind the clouds and the night was at its blackest.

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