Trial & Error – Part 3



I got to know that she knew long back itself that I loved her, apparently Anisha was not as trustworthy enough as I had expected. Anisha had been teasing her silly just like she did to me. She risked the midnight birthday party not only because Anisha was her best friend but also because she wanted to spend some time with me. We would go for movies together and always sit in the corner and watch the film holding hands and fighting on who gets a bigger share of the popcorn. We would have silly bets and whoever loses had to pay the bill the next time we went out and I lost the most but many of them were on purpose as I wanted to spend for her and take care of her. We would debate about where to eat and that would take hours for us to decide. She would cook for me delicious food ranging from white pasta to corn and cheese balls and bring it in small lunch boxes for me to taste. She would make me beg for a kiss every time but she would only offer it on special moments and occasions or when she says that she loves me so much that she just can’t find words to express it. We loved walking together, we would walk for miles together and talk about everything under the sun and moon. We texted each other day and night on all seasons and her phone bills escalated to a new high as she always called up and we were in conversation for hours together. We could pretend to be really immature and have the most childish of conversations and we could also be very mature and have the most intellectual of discussions. She made me feel like a child and forget all my troubles. I vowed never to do drugs but she was the one drug I did not mind getting addicted to. I really loved her for not only for who she was but also for who I am when I am with her. Our love was strong even when she finished her U.G. and joined her P.G. . It never lost its charm. She was not interested in doing a P.G. but was more interested in going for the civil services. But she opted to do P.G. as she wanted to buy more time so that I can finish my degree and get a job and then she can tell her parents about me.  Meanwhile I had my own reservations about what my parents would say given that I had a younger sister who was still in school. I finished my degree with honours and was eager to get back home. I loved my hostel life but missed my home even more. I was filled with excitement when I boarded my train back to my hometown.

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Trial & Error – Part 2


Love? Love is young. Love is innocent. Love is a little foolish. Whenever I think about her it makes me smile at how cute and innocent we had been.  Would I love her if I met her now? I don’t know. Is love really forever and ever? I certainly thought so once upon a time but I was proved wrong at that instance. I was 18 then. I thought that one can decide when to fall in love. Love was a switch which can be flicked on and off. I wanted to be clear and focus on other things which mattered more. I was in college that time with my two best friends Dushyanth and Anisha. We had met during our 1st day and went on to become pretty close, something like friends for life. Dushyanth was this happy go lucky guy who flirts with every cute girl when he gets the chance but he is never too serious about it. I guess he wasn’t too serious as he did not want to have any expectation nor commitments as he had been in a relationship throughout his high school but then she broke up as he had to leave his hometown to join college, she did not believe in long distance relationships. In short, he was afraid to get his heart broken. Anisha on the other hand believes that love is the greatest gift one can get. She was committed to a guy who lived thousands of miles away in another country. She is the kind who believes that long distance relationships can work. Both have quite contrasting philosophies in life. I was the middleman.  I was still nostalgic whenever I listened to romantic songs, read romantic stories or watched romantic movies. The only person who came to my mind was Ayesha. I did not want to commit for now. I was content with my puppy love memories. My friends teased me for it often. They are not aware of my past and I never tried to make them aware of it either as I believed it to be special. I guess none other than the two of us knew about it. My friends just thought of me as a guy who was a friendly cool geeky nerd who was just not interested in girls. Somehow having a girlfriend/boyfriend had become a priority, an absolute necessity which is multiplied by many folds when you enter college. I was one of the few guys who didn’t have a girlfriend or a crush on anyone.   However all those notions got shattered one fine Tuesday morning.

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Trial & Error – Part 1


Love? Love is a cruel joke. A selfish illusion. It is something we pretend to portray to console ourselves over what a crappy world we live in. Look at Romeo & Juliet, Devdas and so many other examples…it always ends in death or misery. Love is a fad. Something to lessen your social insecurity. Usually an ice-cream would quell my anger or frustration but today it just wasn’t helping. Especially when an extremely lovey-dovey couple is seated across you pretending as if they are the very definition of love, the perfect picture. The way they giggle and laugh, the way they whisper to each other and feed each other off their spoon with small dollops of choco-vanilla or strawberry just makes me feel sick. I thought love was to make you feel like you had butterflies in your stomach? But it feels more like my stomach is empty and also add to that a splitting headache. The dark chocolate ice-cream I was having just didn’t help in lightening up the dark thoughts that pricked me tirelessly making me feel tiresome. I was better off being oblivious to this thing called love. I wish I was that 11 year old who thought girls were “ewww…” and love was “yuck!”. How blissful would that ignorance be? My hormones, however, had other plans.

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Till Death Do Us Part


‘If given a choice between a world without you and death. I would choose death.’ said Tanav hugging her tight.

‘Awww…Tanav, you say the most sweetest of things. I feel like hugging you to death.’ said Marsha with a laugh as she hugged him back.

‘I am glad you said yes. You have no idea how scared I was. Thank God!’ said Tanav as they broke apart and strolled together along the beach.

‘You don’t believe in God yet you thank him and not me for saying yes.’ teased Marsha.

‘Okay. Thank you.’ said Tanav with a broad smile.

‘It took you 3 long years to propose to me is it?’ demanded Marsha indignantly as she playfully whacked his head.

‘If you really loved me then you could have proposed to me first! Why do you always expect the guy to do everything?’ protested Tanav rubbing his head.

‘So that if things don’t work out I can say that it is you who chose me and not the other way around.’ mocked Marsha.

Things looked rosy at the moment but it did not stay the same for long. Marriage is not a matter of just two hearts in some places. It is more a matter of two families. And the two families here simply did not see the love here. Divided by caste, divided by status, divided by wealth…the divide was just too far across to reach for either one of them. The only bridge possible was love but that bridge was too rickety for their liking. The couple were heartbroken. To have come so far and be doomed at the end due to the fancy of others was not what they had anticipated. Marsha was the most affected as she was held down by so much emotional blackmail and restrictions that she felt she would drown in all the tears.

‘Tanav! I don’t know what to do. I tried explaining so much but my Dad just won’t listen. My Mom is talking of marrying me off to someone else soon.’ cried Marsha one night over the phone to Tanav. She had snuck out from her room to the terrace at the dead of night and was crying her heart out in misery.

‘Marsha. Do you love me?’ asked Tanav firmly.

‘Of course! Till the end. Till my last breath.’ replied Marsha strongly.

‘Do you trust me?’ asked Tanav with the same firm tone.

‘With my life.’ replied Marsha.

‘Then there is only one way. Let’s run away. Someplace far away. Let’s start a new life together. We don’t need these people. They are selfish and just don’t respect our feelings. We are old and mature enough to decide. We are not their little kids to control. It’s time we lived our lives. What do you say?’ asked Tanav.

There was silence. Marsha was subjected to an inner conflict. The guy of 3 years or her parents of 23.

‘Hmmm…’ she mused unable to make a decision.

‘We’ll go far away but I am not sure where. It doesn’t matter as we’ll be together.’ said Tanav with a hint of desperation in his voice as he tried to convince her.

Marsha wiped away her tears. The moon chose to hide behind the clouds and the night was at its blackest.

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Just Another Love Story

*Note: Inspired by a true story.*


I stood there at the bookstore pondering on whether to get the sci-fi novel or the romance novel. Funny how I got myself into this position. Me, out of all people, falling in love. I used to be sceptical about love. Brushing it aside as a fad fantasy my peers wanted to engage in rather than the true feeling it was. I just never managed to meet any girl who was of real interest. I wanted a girl who was smart, funny, cheerful, intelligent, kind, caring,has a good vocabulary and of course beautiful. 21 years of my lifetime had gone past and I still had not met the girl who fitted my requirements. I wasn’t particularly bothered about it as I was happy being single and offering relationship advice to my friends. Me, the guy who had never fallen in love actually gave tips about dating and relationships that people valued as “indispensable”. I guess I should have made a business out of it but since I was the sweetest of the sweet I looked upon it as a social service rather than an entrepreneurial venture. Life was a car and I was its driver, the car was going smoothly on the road and then came a sharp turn. It was August, I ascended to the next rung on my career ladder-a P.G. degree. A class of 37 students, 20 boys and 17 girls. Not a bad ratio for a P.G. degree. Will I be the only guy who didn’t have any love affairs or even the slightest crush during my college years? I am not gay! If I was then I would have at least hit on a guy…no I just haven’t met my match and I am pretty sure it is a “her”. And I did meet her.  1st day of class. The routine introduce yourself session took place.

‘Hi I am ABC. I am coming from DEF. I did my schooling in GHI. I studied B.E. in JKL. I selected M.E. because of MNO.  My research interests are PQR. My hobbies are STU. I aim to be VWX.’

This was the usual template for everyone. I reserved the YZ for extra stuff that they said which didn’t confine to the template.

Then came Sasha.

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A Rendezvous To Woo


I was nervous. I was bound to be as it was my 1st day at my internship. After a tough interview process which drilled my nerves I managed to get a chance to intern at Spritle, one of the leading software companies in the country.
‘Dhruv, come with me,’ said Zoya, my in-charge and led me to a fairly small cubicle at the back of the work floor.
I was excited at the prospect of having my own cubicle to work in, my 1st personal professional workspace but to my dismay it was already occupied by someone else.
‘Dhruv, I’d like you to meet Anisha.’
‘Wow! She is pretty!’  was the 1st thought when I saw her.
‘She’s also an intern. She just joined yesterday and I have given her a project to do.  I want you two to work together on this. She will tell you more and bring you upto speed. If you need any help I will be in my cabin,’ said Zoya and left us in an awkward silence.
‘Hi, my name is Dhruv,’ I started trying to break the ice and offered to shake her hand.
‘Yeah, I know. Zoya just told that now,’ she said shaking my hand.
I responded with a sheepish grin.
‘Take a seat and I’ll explain what I have been doing and after getting you upto speed we’ll decide our roles and get started.’
She was cute, tall, lean, fair and did I mention that she was cute? Her expression and her voice just mesmerized me. She was busy explaining the project at hand but I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. My mind had already drifted onto white sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains.
‘So, any questions?’ she asked at the end of it all.
‘Yeah, I didn’t understand a few parts.’
‘Which one?’
‘Could you go through it again and I will point you to it.’
She raised her eyebrows and went through it all over again. This time I paid attention as I didn’t want her to raise her eye-brows at me again.

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Game Over

*Inspired by urban legends*

"...was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours..."

“…was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours…”

I was watching my favourite sitcom on T.V. when suddenly TRING! rang the bell. Buster, my dog started barking furiously at the door. I froze in the couch thinking who could it be at this time? Mr. David was only returning back home tomorrow. The bell sounded again but somehow it sounded more impatient. It was only 9.30 p.m. yet I felt uneasy. I got up and made my way towards the door. As I placed my hand on the door knob the bell sounded again. ‘Down boy.’ I muttered at Buster. I twisted the door open and peeked around it. It was a large man dressed in orange pinstriped trousers, a yellow overcoat, lime green bowler hat that clashed horribly with his….Wait! Purple hair?? I gasped and almost fell back. Then I realized that it was only a statue.

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