Fate of Love

She left me here all alone
In all these years tat I’ve known,
this is the most painful time of all,
between us there has come a wall,
I’m not saying she’s wrong nor I’m right,
however I wish with all my might,
this is how life really is,
with all my heart she’s the one whom I miss,
moved on is what she says she’s did,
all our memories she has got rid,
I just can’t do the same,
because I don’t want to even try doing so and I’ll take the blame,
weeks have gone past now,
but it seems like years I don’t know how,
her memories in my heart,
her words in my mind,
her name in my lips,
her eyes in mine,
I shall bear till the end of time!



Love-a Bane?

My life seems to be a mess,
My happiness has seem to become so less,
I can’t keep going on like this,
Everything seems to go amiss,
I can’t seem to do a thing right,
My life just seems to feel so uptight,
I can’t sleep at night,
Even when I try with all my might,
Have I done something wrong,
This pain is just too strong,
This love feels like a bane,
It’s just driving me insane,
All I wanted was to give my life for her to share,
To say those three words that will make us a pair,
I wanted her to be always with me,
But that’s not the way she wants to see,
I should be angry too,
If you knew what was true,
She’s a thief who stole my heart,
It’s so unfair on her part,
Who told her to come into my life,
Now she’s shredding mine as if she’s a knife,
My life feels like a hole,
Only she can make it whole,
I feel as if my soul is ripped apart,
I’m bleeding in my heart,
I just feel so insecure,
She’s my only cure,
Friends can’t be lovers is the saying she sees fit,
But even the word girlfriend has the word friend in it,
I’m hoping and praying for that one day,
For those three words she’ll say,
Until the I await,
Even if it’s forever I’ll accept the fate,
In my heart my love I shall bear,
Because someday she might care!


The Kiss of Love

A surge of ecstasy flows through me,
My dreams have come to really be,
Those three words she said are etched in my heart,
And this is only the start,
Who says angels are from heaven,
Mine has a name with letters seven,
When she holds my hand,
I feel like am in a surreal land,
It is easy to get lost in her eyes,
She makes you want more with her good byes,
Her asset is her heart stopping smile,
She mesmerizes with her own style,
The scent she wears clouds your senses,
It makes you speechless and forget your tenses,
Her wavy hair I love to feel,
Our story seems like that from a reel,
Stolen kisses in the stairway,
We’ll always be together come what may,
On the phone for countless hours,
Those are the sweetest memories of ours’,
One cone ice-cream for two,
This seems too good to be true,
The dreamy long walks and bus rides,
With her the time just effortlessly glides,
Every long song that I hear,
It seems to be made for me and my dear,
She is the greatest gift of God,
I want nothing else from the lord,
I am blessed with the kiss of love!


The Wait For Those Three Words…

I’m waiting for that day,
For those three words she’ll say,
I’ll hold her hands,
Walk with her on beach side sands,
I’ll walk hand in hand till my feet aches,
I’ll take her boating in scenic lakes,
I’ll talk to her from the time the sun rises in the morning,
Till even past when the sun sets in the evening,
Thoughts and memories of her will always race in my mind,
Even in my dreams she’ll be the one I want to find,
Even if countless hours flies,
I can keep looking into her eyes,
To the whole world in my way,
I’ve got the best girl I’ll say,
I’ll take her to all the places I’ve ever been,
I’ll show her all the beautiful sights she has never seen,
I’ll shower her with hugs and kisses everyday,
I’ll give her my happiness and take her sorrow any-day,
I’ll care for her with all my heart,
It’s the least I could do on my part,
All these things I’ll surely do,
I wait until that day,
For those three words she’ll say!


The Most Beautiful Feeling Ever…

The world around me is going round and round,
My heart is leaping skyward bound,
I realized the true meaning of love when we met,
To be besides her till my heart beats is how my heart is forever set,
When I look up at the stars at night,
I see her face in the sky lit by the moon light,
Even when I close my eyes she comes within my sight,
If loving her is wrong then I don’t wanna be right,
Every second with her when I walk,
Every word with her when I talk,
My heart sings with an ecstasy that I’ve never felt,
Whenever our eyes meet into a thousand drops my heart melt,
I wish she could feel what I’m feeling for my sweetheart,
I want to hear from her lips “I love you and from you I never want to part”,
I should have told you this a long time back,
But I couldn’t because courage is what I did lack,
But now I’m not the person I used to be,
Courage and confidence is what she has given me,
So whatever her answer maybe,
True is always how my love would be,
I’ll keep loving her till she loves me,
To prove it I don’t mind even if she asks my life as a fee,
Because I don’t love her for who she is,
I love her for who I am when I’m with her,
This is the most beautiful feeling ever!


Am I in love?

My heart feels so strange,
I don’t understand this change,
Is it because of that girl I saw on that bright sunny day,
She mesmerized me in her charming way.
Into her eyes when I see,
My heart tells me with her is where I wanna be,
Locks of her hair if were to be said,
Have a rhythm of their own when she shakes her head,
Her words sound just like music to me,
She’s the most beautiful girl as far as I see,
Even the way she moves her fingers while talking is so graceful that it’s as if she’s painting in the air,
Never have I seen a girl so fair,
Every time we lock our eyes,
I feel like I’m flying in the “skies”,
The moment we got to know each other my heart wasn’t mine anymore,
I want to be by her so side forever more,
Memories with her are so precious that I would rather part with my life than part with them,
They are worth beyond the value of any gem,
Am I in love?
If this is love then it’s certainly the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt!