Definitely Date a Guy Who Writes


Along the lines of “Date a guy who is from IIT”, “Date a guy who smokes weed”, “Date a guy who is jobless to write articles such as these” comes “Date a guy who writes”. Nerdy looking guy who uses all fancy words that makes you visit Google like for almost every sentence…why would you date such a guy like that? Good relationships are based on good communication and if you are going to spend half your time on google trying to understand what he just said then you might as well date that jobless guy from IIT who smokes weed. But wait! Don’t be so hasty in coming to conclusions. All those fancy words do come to good use. How you ask? Well let’s consider a few scenarios.

Scenario #1: Have some assignment or a research/project paper that you need to turn in but it looks well…a little less sophisticated than you hoped it would. Don’t worry! In comes Grammar Man to the rescue and sometimes he is sweet enough to fish in fresh new content that you would have a hard time believing that it is actually yours. Turn it in and you would have a grade A assignment and also a grade A boyfriend.

Scenario #2: Need to do a power point presentation and you are at wit’s end to come up with the content? Chillax and witness the presentation whiz put together things for you. From design, animations to your content it would be pure magic as the wizard charms away through your presentation. Even you would be wondering what sort of sorcery is this when you witness the marvel of his work.

Scenario #3: You want to heartbreakingly leave him and go abroad to complete your P.G. but then you see that they ask all these bizarre S.O.P.s, essays and what not. Now let’s face it. The best piece of writing you have ever come up with is your “Letter to the editor” for your 12th board exams. Who else to save you than the hero of fancy words. Despite you leaving him for two years he selflessly devotes himself to whip you up the best piece of writing he has ever come up with riddled with lies about who you are not so that you can get admission to the top universities you can find.

Scenario #4: Preparing for CAT maybe? GRE? GMAT? SNAP? XAT? NMAT? Or just about any entrance exam that has some part of verbal ability in it. Maybe verbal ability is not your forte. Words like supercalifragilistic leaves you gaping like a primitively brained orangutan. What do you do? Flash cards? Classes? Memorize word lists? Nonsense! You have a free of cost living, breathing and all other activities that reflect the scientific acronym “MRS. GREN” dictionary at your service. A date a day and verbal is yours all the way.

Scenario #5: Scenario #5 is for the time when…well…let’s just reserve scenario #5 for miscellaneous purposes in the future for something like some documentation at your place of work or something. Trust me, there will always be a Scenario #5 as writing and a supreme vocabulary can get many things done.

Apart from the many things a writer can help you accomplish there is also the bonus side of what a writer can make you feel.

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