P.S.-I Love You


I looked into her eyes…bright, brown and it seemed to be telling something that words can’t…wow! It’s amazing how one can get lost in so small a space. She smiled at me and at that very moment I felt my heart becoming light. It was as if I was in a trance. I glanced around. I was in the midst of a lake with trees lining the banks. The world was our stage and the moonlight shone upon us like a spotlight. The best part about this play was that there was no audience and it was just the two of us. I took her hand in mine and started to gently stroke her hair…her silky black hair which I caressed with pleasure.   The boat gently rocked to and fro sending ripples across the water’s surface. She playfully flicked a few drops of water at me and I pretended to beat her but I faltered when she hugged me to protect herself. I hugged her back and whispered into her ear,

‘Is this real?’

She smiled with her dimple, leaned towards me, kissed me on my cheek and said,

‘Of course not!’

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Just Another Love Story

*Note: Inspired by a true story.*


I stood there at the bookstore pondering on whether to get the sci-fi novel or the romance novel. Funny how I got myself into this position. Me, out of all people, falling in love. I used to be sceptical about love. Brushing it aside as a fad fantasy my peers wanted to engage in rather than the true feeling it was. I just never managed to meet any girl who was of real interest. I wanted a girl who was smart, funny, cheerful, intelligent, kind, caring,has a good vocabulary and of course beautiful. 21 years of my lifetime had gone past and I still had not met the girl who fitted my requirements. I wasn’t particularly bothered about it as I was happy being single and offering relationship advice to my friends. Me, the guy who had never fallen in love actually gave tips about dating and relationships that people valued as “indispensable”. I guess I should have made a business out of it but since I was the sweetest of the sweet I looked upon it as a social service rather than an entrepreneurial venture. Life was a car and I was its driver, the car was going smoothly on the road and then came a sharp turn. It was August, I ascended to the next rung on my career ladder-a P.G. degree. A class of 37 students, 20 boys and 17 girls. Not a bad ratio for a P.G. degree. Will I be the only guy who didn’t have any love affairs or even the slightest crush during my college years? I am not gay! If I was then I would have at least hit on a guy…no I just haven’t met my match and I am pretty sure it is a “her”. And I did meet her.  1st day of class. The routine introduce yourself session took place.

‘Hi I am ABC. I am coming from DEF. I did my schooling in GHI. I studied B.E. in JKL. I selected M.E. because of MNO.  My research interests are PQR. My hobbies are STU. I aim to be VWX.’

This was the usual template for everyone. I reserved the YZ for extra stuff that they said which didn’t confine to the template.

Then came Sasha.

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