The Most Beautiful Feeling Ever…

The world around me is going round and round,
My heart is leaping skyward bound,
I realized the true meaning of love when we met,
To be besides her till my heart beats is how my heart is forever set,
When I look up at the stars at night,
I see her face in the sky lit by the moon light,
Even when I close my eyes she comes within my sight,
If loving her is wrong then I don’t wanna be right,
Every second with her when I walk,
Every word with her when I talk,
My heart sings with an ecstasy that I’ve never felt,
Whenever our eyes meet into a thousand drops my heart melt,
I wish she could feel what I’m feeling for my sweetheart,
I want to hear from her lips “I love you and from you I never want to part”,
I should have told you this a long time back,
But I couldn’t because courage is what I did lack,
But now I’m not the person I used to be,
Courage and confidence is what she has given me,
So whatever her answer maybe,
True is always how my love would be,
I’ll keep loving her till she loves me,
To prove it I don’t mind even if she asks my life as a fee,
Because I don’t love her for who she is,
I love her for who I am when I’m with her,
This is the most beautiful feeling ever!



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