The Kiss of Love

A surge of ecstasy flows through me,
My dreams have come to really be,
Those three words she said are etched in my heart,
And this is only the start,
Who says angels are from heaven,
Mine has a name with letters seven,
When she holds my hand,
I feel like am in a surreal land,
It is easy to get lost in her eyes,
She makes you want more with her good byes,
Her asset is her heart stopping smile,
She mesmerizes with her own style,
The scent she wears clouds your senses,
It makes you speechless and forget your tenses,
Her wavy hair I love to feel,
Our story seems like that from a reel,
Stolen kisses in the stairway,
We’ll always be together come what may,
On the phone for countless hours,
Those are the sweetest memories of ours’,
One cone ice-cream for two,
This seems too good to be true,
The dreamy long walks and bus rides,
With her the time just effortlessly glides,
Every long song that I hear,
It seems to be made for me and my dear,
She is the greatest gift of God,
I want nothing else from the lord,
I am blessed with the kiss of love!



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