Love-a Bane?

My life seems to be a mess,
My happiness has seem to become so less,
I can’t keep going on like this,
Everything seems to go amiss,
I can’t seem to do a thing right,
My life just seems to feel so uptight,
I can’t sleep at night,
Even when I try with all my might,
Have I done something wrong,
This pain is just too strong,
This love feels like a bane,
It’s just driving me insane,
All I wanted was to give my life for her to share,
To say those three words that will make us a pair,
I wanted her to be always with me,
But that’s not the way she wants to see,
I should be angry too,
If you knew what was true,
She’s a thief who stole my heart,
It’s so unfair on her part,
Who told her to come into my life,
Now she’s shredding mine as if she’s a knife,
My life feels like a hole,
Only she can make it whole,
I feel as if my soul is ripped apart,
I’m bleeding in my heart,
I just feel so insecure,
She’s my only cure,
Friends can’t be lovers is the saying she sees fit,
But even the word girlfriend has the word friend in it,
I’m hoping and praying for that one day,
For those three words she’ll say,
Until the I await,
Even if it’s forever I’ll accept the fate,
In my heart my love I shall bear,
Because someday she might care!



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