Am I in love?

My heart feels so strange,
I don’t understand this change,
Is it because of that girl I saw on that bright sunny day,
She mesmerized me in her charming way.
Into her eyes when I see,
My heart tells me with her is where I wanna be,
Locks of her hair if were to be said,
Have a rhythm of their own when she shakes her head,
Her words sound just like music to me,
She’s the most beautiful girl as far as I see,
Even the way she moves her fingers while talking is so graceful that it’s as if she’s painting in the air,
Never have I seen a girl so fair,
Every time we lock our eyes,
I feel like I’m flying in the “skies”,
The moment we got to know each other my heart wasn’t mine anymore,
I want to be by her so side forever more,
Memories with her are so precious that I would rather part with my life than part with them,
They are worth beyond the value of any gem,
Am I in love?
If this is love then it’s certainly the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt!



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