A Rendezvous To Woo


I was nervous. I was bound to be as it was my 1st day at my internship. After a tough interview process which drilled my nerves I managed to get a chance to intern at Spritle, one of the leading software companies in the country.
‘Dhruv, come with me,’ said Zoya, my in-charge and led me to a fairly small cubicle at the back of the work floor.
I was excited at the prospect of having my own cubicle to work in, my 1st personal professional workspace but to my dismay it was already occupied by someone else.
‘Dhruv, I’d like you to meet Anisha.’
‘Wow! She is pretty!’  was the 1st thought when I saw her.
‘She’s also an intern. She just joined yesterday and I have given her a project to do.  I want you two to work together on this. She will tell you more and bring you upto speed. If you need any help I will be in my cabin,’ said Zoya and left us in an awkward silence.
‘Hi, my name is Dhruv,’ I started trying to break the ice and offered to shake her hand.
‘Yeah, I know. Zoya just told that now,’ she said shaking my hand.
I responded with a sheepish grin.
‘Take a seat and I’ll explain what I have been doing and after getting you upto speed we’ll decide our roles and get started.’
She was cute, tall, lean, fair and did I mention that she was cute? Her expression and her voice just mesmerized me. She was busy explaining the project at hand but I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. My mind had already drifted onto white sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains.
‘So, any questions?’ she asked at the end of it all.
‘Yeah, I didn’t understand a few parts.’
‘Which one?’
‘Could you go through it again and I will point you to it.’
She raised her eyebrows and went through it all over again. This time I paid attention as I didn’t want her to raise her eye-brows at me again.

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The Psychotic Speech

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Quick! Tell me what is 132321434*21214124/4132421+213232-24546?

Never mind. What did you just do there? You started thinking. How were you able to do that? With the help of your brain. This is what I am going to talk about today. The human brain and its psychology. You may ask me why I would pick such a topic?  If we took all the phones in the world and all the wires, the number of connections and the trillions of messages per day would NOT equal the complexity or activity of a single human brain. Our brains are too complicated to be understood by our own brains.  In fact the brain is the only thing ever to name itself. Such complexity and sophistication merits discussion. This organ that looks like a cauliflower is the king of the human body and the other parts are its subjects. The brain as you know like our Mother Earth contains two hemispheres namely Left and Right hemispheres. However the notion of dominant left brain thinkers and right brain thinkers is a total myth as both sides are required to work in unison for proper functioning. Ever wondered why girls have better handwriting and superior language skills than boys? And boys excel at Mathematics and spatial skills like reading a map or navigation? The answer lies right here in your head. Men and women use different parts of their brains to process information. Women have strong left-right connectivity between the hemispheres and Men have strong front-back connectivity within hemispheres. Men are stronger in areas such as perception and action and Women are stronger in areas such as creativity and intuition, ever heard of  a woman’s instinct? Men also tend to have a larger brain than women but quantity is not necessarily equal to quality or else we can conclude that Sperm whales and Elephants are smarter than us. In fact Einstein’s brain weighed 200 grams lesser than the average male yet he turned out to be one of the most celebrated geniuses of history.

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