One in a Billion!

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In the beginning there was none…then came one which in turn spawned some and that’s how we had come. Units turned to tens which became hundreds which grew to thousands which gave birth to ten thousands which created lakhs and the chain went on and suddenly BOOM!! We had ended up with a whopping 7 billion. That “BOOM!” is what we have fondly come to call as the population explosion which I am sure we would all have studied in our Social Science textbook. Being from the second most populous country of the world with a head count of 1.23 billion I would like to present my take on living with such numbers. So living with 1.2 billion, a boon or bane? That seems to be the million dollar question. It depends on your take on it. Do you like getting your teeth knocked out in the mad rush to get seats on a train or bus that’s just about to leave a station or terminus? Do you like waiting for days in long queues ranging from getting tickets in a local metro to paying homage to a God?  Do you like travelling in a general train compartment or a bus that’s jam packed like sardines in a tin? Do you like seeing people littering and befouling the public? Do you like people begging you? What would your answer to those questions be?

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