Game Over

*Inspired by urban legends*

"...was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours..."

“…was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours…”

I was watching my favourite sitcom on T.V. when suddenly TRING! rang the bell. Buster, my dog started barking furiously at the door. I froze in the couch thinking who could it be at this time? Mr. David was only returning back home tomorrow. The bell sounded again but somehow it sounded more impatient. It was only 9.30 p.m. yet I felt uneasy. I got up and made my way towards the door. As I placed my hand on the door knob the bell sounded again. ‘Down boy.’ I muttered at Buster. I twisted the door open and peeked around it. It was a large man dressed in orange pinstriped trousers, a yellow overcoat, lime green bowler hat that clashed horribly with his….Wait! Purple hair?? I gasped and almost fell back. Then I realized that it was only a statue.

‘Hello ma’am. Mr. David had placed an order for a clown statue. Where do you want me to place it?’ inquired a man who wore a uniform and was panting slightly out of breath.
Must be to amuse the kids I thought as I glanced at the statue. It appeared really life like. Buster barked incessantly at the man, so much that I had to place my hand on his collar to prevent him from escaping.
‘Yeah, place it in the living room corner.’ I replied.
The delivery guy placed it in the corner of the room and asked me to sign a form. I then closed the door and went back to watching the sitcom from the comfort of the couch. I glanced upstairs but saw no signs of movement. Good! The kids are asleep. I glanced at the statue in the corner. Weird, I thought. Who would buy a life size statue for their kids? Of course, Mr. David is very rich so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him squander money for his little darlings but I didn’t see how this clown could amuse the kids. It actually looked creepy. Its eyes were wide with a kind of frenzied look. The mouth curled into what looked like an oddly distinctive sneer. It only gave me the jitters. Buster didn’t seem to like it too as he kept snarling at it but was too afraid to go near it. He might look like he is dangerous but deep down inside he is a downright coward. He hates being in new places but I can’t bear to be without him even for a night. Still being a babysitter seems to be the best way to earn money. Mr. David pays me 5 dollars an hour so I don’t have much to complain about. I wrenched my gaze away from the clown and got back to my show. Buster settled himself in his favourite place while I watched T.V., under the couch. Suddenly the land line rang.
‘Hello.’ I said.
I was greeted by silence.
‘Hello?’ I repeated.
The person cut the line. ‘Strange.’ I thought. Must be some wrong number. I “unmuted” the T.V. and started enjoying my favourite show. I glanced at the clown again. Wait! Something seems wrong. The eyes. I can swear that the eyes were looking at me when I saw it the last time. Now it looked away from me. I was always uncomfortable with clowns. Not that I hated them. Could this be the reason why I felt so freaked out with this clown and am I seeing things? Am I having delusional paranoia about clowns? I put my hand down under the couch and got a reassuring lick from Buster. I always felt better when Buster licks my hand. The phone rang again. I picked up the phone and said ‘Hello.’
There was heavy breathing on the other end. My heart started racing.
‘H-H-ello.’ I stammered.
The phone went dead.
‘Wrong number.’ I convinced myself.
I put my hand down again and in turn received another comforting lick. For the third time that night the phone rang.
I answered, and this time there was a man on the other end who said, in a chilling voice,
‘Have you checked the children?’
Click. The call had ended.
Mr. David? Must have been a signal problem. He would call again. Yet at the same time I was uneasy. I received two more warm licks to calm myself. As if on cue the phone rang again.
‘Have you checked the children?’ asked the same creepy voice.
‘Mr. David?’ I questioned but the call was cut short.
I was freaked out. The land line had no Caller ID facility. I called Mr. David’s number but it was switched off. It was close to midnight so it was natural that he switched off his cell phone so as to not disturb his sleep. But then, who had called? She grabbed the phone and manically punched in the numbers 9,1,1. A dispatcher answered her. She told her plight to him without a pause for breath.
‘Has he threatened you?’ he asked.
‘Then we can’t do anything about it ma’am.’
The call ended leaving me helpless. Lick! Lick! Lick! I guess Buster must know that I was stressed as he furiously licked my hand. I am glad I had brought him along. His presence made me feel a little brave. A few minutes pass by and the clock struck midnight. The phone went off again.
‘Why haven’t you checked on the children?’ asked the familiar cold voice with a sneer.
‘Who are you?’ I demanded but was once again greeted with the dial tone.
I was shaking all over. I called 911 again and reported the incident literally begging for help.
‘Calm down. Give me your name and address.’ said the dispatcher.
I gave him my details and requested someone to come over as soon as possible.
‘The next time he calls you, talk to him for at least a minute so that we can run a trace on him. Can you do that?’
‘Yes. I can.’
I put down the phone and tried to calm myself. The phone rang. My hand shook violently as I answered the call.
‘It’s me.’ Spoke a familiar voice, ‘Why are you shaking all over?’
‘Can you see me?’ I shrieked.
‘Yes.’ He answered with a chilling laugh after a long pause.
‘What do you want? You’ve scared me. I’m shivering all over! Leave me alone. Isn’t this enough for you?’ I screamed.
‘What more do you want then?’
‘Your blood.’ said the voice with a blood curdling menace.
I slammed the phone down almost petrified. The next instant I got another call. I was almost on the verge of tears when I answered it. It was the dispatcher and his voice was frantic.
‘Get out of the house! The call is coming from another room inside the house.’
I clumsily threw the phone down. I looked around the room to see if I could spot anything that could serve as a weapon to protect myself when I noticed something. The clown…it was missing. I frantically looked around but it was nowhere in sight. Then I saw something that almost stopped my heart beat. Scrawled in blood on the wall behind me were the words
I was delirious with fear. I looked down under the couch but there was nothing there. I made a mad dash to the door. I let out a scream of pure terror. Hanging on the door smeared all over in his own blood was Buster. I was scared out of my wits, to the point of insanity. Then suddenly I realized that the children are still in their room. I made to turn around to go get them when I noticed that light was streaming from their room. The door was ajar and I could make out the silhouette of a man. He stepped out and his features became clearer against the light. It was the clown and blood was dripping from his mouth which was turned into an ugly smile. I almost fainted but then I mustered up all my energy and flung the door open and sprinted towards my car parked outside the gate. I frantically inserted the keys into the ignition and slammed on the accelerator and didn’t look back.

The road was deserted as it was close to 2 a.m. I had to get to the nearest police station. There were not many houses nearby to feel safe. Then suddenly something flashed bright behind me. Looking into my mirror I saw that it was a car. The car seemed to follow dangerously close, repeatedly flashing its headlights and honking the horn. Maybe it was the clown or one of his accomplices. I started to panic. I slammed down hard on my accelerator and raced ahead. Yet it remained in hot pursuit. I saw a dirt road ahead on my left and quickly swerved into it and kept on driving. I switched off my lights and kept going. The other car was nowhere to be seen. I let out a sigh of relief. I looked into my rear view mirror. I was a total wreck. My hair seemed to be all fuzzy and was at its end. My eyes were blood shot red, I had been crying but was just too scared to notice.
‘Pretty…pretty girl…how would you like to die tonight?’ sneered a voice.
I froze looking into the mirror where I saw another pair of eyes looking at me from the backseat. The last memory I had was looking into the face of a stranger with a rope and knife.
Three days later the paper read.


Murder taken for prank.
A woman who was murdered was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours because people who saw the body mistook it for a Halloween decoration.
The woman, aged 19, was found hanging from a tree on a fairly busy road, state police said. It was not until hours after neighbours first saw the body hanging at 7.00 a.m. that the police were called.
“It looked like something somebody would have put up as a Halloween decoration in the holiday spirit.” a local resident who didn’t want to be named told a local newspaper.
The body was clearly visible to passing cars, the report says.
The women was later identified to be Gracie Peters who lived a quarter of a mile away from where she was found. Gracie had called 911 the previous day regarding calls from an unknown stranger. The police later traced it to be coming from the same house where she was babysitting three children of Mr. David, a rich businessman. The Police on reaching the venue found that all three children were murdered in their bedroom with their throats slashed. There was also a dead dog which was believed to belong to Gracie. Many expensive items were stolen which included cash and jewels. A car belonging to Gracie was found abandoned in a dirt road near the woods. A driver who was going on the road late last night had called the police and mentioned about a car similar to Gracie’s that was on the road last night racing at breakneck speed. The driver had flashed his headlights and noticed that there was someone in the backseat with a knife. He tried to warn her by following her and repeatedly honking his horn and flashing his headlights but lost track of her. The police speculate that in a bid to escape Gracie had gotten into her car and driven away but someone had been in the backseat and she was oblivious to this. The person then strangled her and hung her from the tree knowing that since it was Halloween not many would notice the body immediately. The police believe that this was a pre-planned burglary that involved more than one individual. The gang had waited for Mr. David to leave and decided that this was their best chance. The identity of culprits are still not known. Investigations are on and the police look forward to nabbing the criminals soon.

One year passed…two years passed…three years and still no headway was made in the case. The police had no clue on solving the case. That was because I got to them before the police could. They thought they could hide from the law but you just can’t hide from the truth. The truth that one day I would find them and kill them. After I died I had only been brooding about my revenge. Mind set on horrible thoughts of rip, tear and kill. I turned all this negative emotions into energy. Energy that gave me a form, strength and a power to do what I want. I managed to trace down the backseat assassin whose face I caught a glimpse of in the last few seconds of my life as he strangled me with a thick rope. I decided to decapitate his head and leave it in the freezer as a present for his folks at home. I smiled sadistically as I remembered looking up at the ceiling of a shack. Hanging from the fan was the delivery boy. The mere sight of me scared him out of his wits. He decided to end his life before I can do it for him…What a pity…I was really looking forward to killing him. Now all that was left was the clown statue. It turns out the clown was actually the head of the gang. He was a deranged sadistic psycho who also happened to be a pedophile. The other two obeyed him as he was smart in plotting crimes despite his disturbing behaviour. There goes a saying that “When seeking revenge, dig two graves” but in this case it should be three. I wanted to save the best for last. I stood there in his room wondering what would be the most fitting way to torturously kill him. He was playing video games on his PC oblivious to my presence. He wasn’t a clown anymore. Looked like a normal man in his late twenties. A feeling of ecstasy coursed through me when I realized that the time is near for me to move on. I gently bent over him and whispered into his ear, “Game Over.”


5 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. Dude , seriously you have very good story writing skills.. 🙂 And this story is really an awesome thriller.. I could visualize it clearly and felt being present there.. 🙂 I read it last night before going to sleep and sadly i cant sleep properly as i kept telling this line – “Get out of the house! The call is coming from another room inside the house.” 🙂 Looking forward to many such stories from you.. 🙂


  2. Wow! Gopinath, that is the greatest compliment a writer can get. I am touched. :’) I just started writing. This is my second short story. Thank you for the encouragement. Hope to write more 🙂


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