Game Over

*Inspired by urban legends*

"...was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours..."

“…was left hanging in public for more than 12 hours…”

I was watching my favourite sitcom on T.V. when suddenly TRING! rang the bell. Buster, my dog started barking furiously at the door. I froze in the couch thinking who could it be at this time? Mr. David was only returning back home tomorrow. The bell sounded again but somehow it sounded more impatient. It was only 9.30 p.m. yet I felt uneasy. I got up and made my way towards the door. As I placed my hand on the door knob the bell sounded again. ‘Down boy.’ I muttered at Buster. I twisted the door open and peeked around it. It was a large man dressed in orange pinstriped trousers, a yellow overcoat, lime green bowler hat that clashed horribly with his….Wait! Purple hair?? I gasped and almost fell back. Then I realized that it was only a statue.

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Deception-My first short story

"...looked coldly at her without even the faintest trace of remorse..."

“…looked coldly at her without even the faintest trace of remorse…”

‘Happy Birthday bro!’ greeted Ajay as Raj came down the stairs.
‘Right back at you bro,’ grinned Raj.
‘Oh! You finally woke up. Happy birthday dear,’ smiled his mom. ‘You’ve got a letter,’ she said pointing at the table. ‘5 minutes and I’ll get your favourite egg hoppers ready.’
‘Thanks mom,’ smiled Raj.
He recognized the loopy sign on the envelope.
‘Great it’s from Sakshi,’ said Ajay.
‘Bet your girlfriend sent you a heart shaped greeting card,’ smirked his twin brother.
Raj ripped the cover open and peered inside. Then suddenly something red started to drip from the letter. It was blood. He threw the letter onto the floor and stared at it in horror but the dripping had turned into leaking and then it burst into a torrent. He looked at his brother in shock only to find that his brother was not there. He looked around frantically but nothing seemed familiar. Where was he? Everything was black and fuzzy. He screamed but nobody answered him as he waded through the neck high bloodstream looking for a way to escape. He looked around desperately at the endless sea of blood before being consumed by it completely. He struggled to surface to a surface which didn’t seem to exist. His silent screams were smothered by the viscous layers of blood…

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My First Blog!


Cheers everyone! Welcome to my first ever blog! Stay tuned for more action…